Owing to agreements with various documentary institutions, several collections of textual documents are available for download (plain text and metadata) for research purposes. 

Please contact us to get access to the corpora or to find out more.

Canadian Corpora #

  • Scholarly and cultural journals


    The collection of the Érudit plaform is comprised of over 150 scholarly journals and 38 cultural journals in the humanities and social sciences and the arts and letters from Québec and Canada. The scholarly and cultural journals are available for download together or separately.

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  • Archives and heritage documents

    Library and Archives Canada

    The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) collection is the shared documentary heritage of our country. It contains materials in all types of formats from across Canada and around the world that are of interest to Canadians.

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  • Public use microdata from Statistics Canada

    Data Liberation Initiative

    The Statistics Canada Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) gives access to microdata files intended for mass dissemination as well as to the metadata of confidential master files of Statistics Canada.

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  • Confidential microdata from Statistics Canada

    Research Data Centres

    The Canadian Research Data Centres (RDC) allow researchers to request access to the disaggregated and detailed data of confidential master files of Statistics Canada as well as to their metadata.

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Québec Corpora #

  • Digitized Québec journals and newspapers

    Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

    The journals and newspapers from the heritage collections of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) are witnesses to the daily, cultural, political, economic and scientific life of Québec.

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  • Assembly proceedings

    Québec National Assembly Library

    This collection contains the proceedings of the National Assembly of Québec (Journal des débats) since 1867.

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  • Metadata and introductory pages of Québec books

    ANEL-De Marque repository

    L’Entrepôt numérique (digital repository) is the largest virtual space dedicated to the storage and management of French-language digital books in Québec and in Canada.

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International Corpora #

  • Scholarly publications


    The Persée collection contains over 750,000 full-text documents (scholarly journals, monographs, conference proceedings, serial publications, primary sources, etc.) that are of interest for research in the humanities and social sciences.

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  • Scholarly journals


    SciELO disseminates the collections of scholarly journals of over 15 countries – mainly in South America – in open access and across disciplines. The collection contains over 1,200 journals and 745,000 articles.

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