The SARQC project, driven by the NT2 Lab (Bertrand Gervais, Université de Montréal, Canada Research Chair in Digital Art and Literature), aims to develop a structure in order to support Québec and Canadian journals by creating websites that are in line with the specific and ever-evolving needs of scholarly and cultural journals, using Drupal

The goal of the project is to help existing or future journals to offer web content that is highly representative of their editorial identity and adapted to new publishing practices. It also ensures interoperability between the created websites and the Érudit platform. The journals produced with SARQC will therefore benefit from the indexation, dissemination and archiving services of the platform. 

Four journals are participating in the pilot project: the scholarly journals Captures and Voix et images and the cultural journals Estuaire and Lettres québécoises.


  • Revue Captures


  • Revue Voix et images

    Voix et images

  • Revue Lettres québécoises

    Lettres québécoises

  • Revue Estuaire